NEGMAS - New Generation Marketing Systems

NEGMAS is your all in one marketing toolbox

NEGMAS provides all the tools and features you will need to create effective marketing campaigns and get direct access to your customers. NEGMAS helps you through the entire sales process, from customer acquisition to customer retention, increasing your marketing ROI. You also get a custom branded App published on Google Play and iTunes where you can integrate all the features provided by NEGMAS, and allow your customers to have your business in their pockets.

Your branded App

NEGMAS allows you to create your own branded and customized Android, iPhone and HTML5 App.


With NEGMAS your marketing campaigns will be personalized to your customers calling each of them by their names.

Incentive and Reward

With NEGMAS you can create incentives and rewards to keep your customers comming back to you.

Loyalty program

With NEGMAS you can create your custom loyalty program to engage and reward your most loyal customers.


With NEGMAS you can communicate with your customers through SMS messages and App notifications.


With NEGMAS you can segment your customer base to create more effective marketing strategies.

Delivery Menu

With NEGMAS you can allow your customers to make delivery orders directly from your APP.

Orders From the App

With NEGMAS you can allow your customers to make orders at your shop directly from your APP.


With NEGMAS most of your marketing and interactions with your customers will happen automatically.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We know you have questions and we are here to answer them, here are answers to some of the questions our customers frequently ask.

NEGMAS - New Generation Marketing Systems
How Can I Use It ?

NEGMAS is a cloud based marketing suite that you can use from any computer or device that has access to the internet.

How to Get It ?

For us each customer is unique, therefore we work with them to customize and set up everything to their specific requirements and need.

How much does it cost ?

The price of NEGMAS is flexible and depends on your industry, your expected usage and your customer base.

Can I try it for FREE ?

YES, once you contact us we will get in touch with you to organize a free demo and presentation.

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